Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to defeat nature elementum..

Well, I am just posting this because one of my friends need this. For most of the miscrits players, Nature Elementum is the easiest one. 
How to defeat it
First of all, I wanna show the abilities of nature elementum
Nature's sting, poison for 3 rounds
Tree truncate, 25 dmg
Nature's cry, 25 dmg
Life, +1000 health. 
Photosynth, removes the advantage that fire has over nature

First, the Nature elementum will use Photosynth. Then, you just use stronger version of weaken (defenses -11) debuff the defenses till -65. Then you just need to attack attack and attack.. Dont be afraid if the Elementum uses life. you can have a revenge on it by lowering its defenses until it's defenses cant be lowered anymore.. U may defeat it in 1 hit. 

Thank you.. hope its useful for you ^_^


  1. hello, i saw your blog, wonderful!! i love your tips ! Wat level r u?

  2. i am lvl 188 something but now i quitted playing miscrits