Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to defeat nature elementum..

Well, I am just posting this because one of my friends need this. For most of the miscrits players, Nature Elementum is the easiest one. 
How to defeat it
First of all, I wanna show the abilities of nature elementum
Nature's sting, poison for 3 rounds
Tree truncate, 25 dmg
Nature's cry, 25 dmg
Life, +1000 health. 
Photosynth, removes the advantage that fire has over nature

First, the Nature elementum will use Photosynth. Then, you just use stronger version of weaken (defenses -11) debuff the defenses till -65. Then you just need to attack attack and attack.. Dont be afraid if the Elementum uses life. you can have a revenge on it by lowering its defenses until it's defenses cant be lowered anymore.. U may defeat it in 1 hit. 

Thank you.. hope its useful for you ^_^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Defeat fire elementum

Well, although I haven't defeated Fire Elementum, my friends and teammates supported me in defeating fire elementum. But I am too busy to play miscrits. So I will just tell u what my friends told me......
First of all, one of the factor of victory is LUCK. So, without luck, the Fire Elementum will gonna kill u in 1 hit with HELL FIRE. Hell Fire is similar to sinkhole when u are trying to defeat earth elementum.

here is the way.
1. U might need Lavarilla, Liquifien, Dark Firebrand, and azteko or some other miscrits that have MAX or ELITE stats on their attacks. For Lavarilla and Liquifien, enchant the final attack and unbreakable.
2. For Azteko, spam ENCHANTED Fortify until the elementum's attack is about 6-9. For Lavarilla and Liquifien, spam ENCHANTED Unbreakable till the elementum's attack is about 6-9. For Lavarilla, you need to buff physical attack because Fire elementum's physical defense is better than Elemental Defense. For Lavarilla and Liquifien, attack with ENCHANTED Overpower/Ancient Splash if you are low on health but high on defense. Because that attack will restore 15 health. Remember to keep your health in Red Zone or else the Fire Elementum will us HELL FIRE>> a 1-hit- K.O kill.
3. For Azteko, its easier. U just need to attack with ancient sands which damages the elementum by about 100..... But for Lavarilla and Liquifien, u need to buff ur attack with potions of buff ability.
4. Attack attack and Attack and the elementum will be DEAD.

I actually defeated all elementums EXCEPT fire, which is the HARDEST one. well, good luck for you all in defeating all elementums and apollo nox.

alternatively, you can use furfin or dillorock to defeat Fire Elementum. but i defeated it using liquifien. i will post on how to defeat apollo nox when i have time :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Miscrits Recommendations

Well, the miscrit that u use its on ur choice, but I would prefer these miscrits team.

Sunfall Kingdom:                                              alternative(volcano island)                                              
-dark cubsprout                                                                - boneshee
-dark fairyblossom                                                            -dark humbug
-dark afterburn                                                                 - dark Viperd
-Ignios                                                                            - dark whik

alternative (sunfall)                                          alternative (volcano island)
- Dark Clawmurai,                                                             - Monk Munk
- flutterpat                                                                      - Quartex
- craggy                                                                          - Firebrand
- afterburn                                                                      - Dark Bubbles

- Thundercracker
-mun kee

Volcano Island:
- Lavarilla
-dark firebrand

Well, these miscrits are only my recommendation. as u know, miscrits in Miscria is getting more and more. Do a research in the miscripedia about the miscrits and be sure to have one of the stats of the miscrits Max or Elite.

U dont need rare miscrits actually. Sometimes, rare miscrits are not strong like twiggum, grubbean, waddles and tulippiny. 

hope this help u defeat all elementums and Apollo Nox.... thanks for reading. Share, Comment and subscribe. if u wanna add me in facebook, the name is Rinwy Cendana 令伟. I am a Chinese-Indonesian. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Best places to level up your miscrits.

First of all, I want to thank my friend, Johann to give me this tips. I was using the multiple tabs method but it makes my computer slower. This is the method that he tells me:

- Carry ur miscrits solo, without any other miscrits. because it will concentrate the Xp to 1 miscrit only.
- for lvl 1-9 miscrits, go to the jungle/forest 1-2nd part
-For the lvl 10-20 miscrits, go to 2nd to 3rd part
-for lvl 21-30 miscrits, go to the final part or other locations like collector's mansion, mount gemma, sunfall shores, Volcano or monk's mountain.

I cant create this blog without my friend, Johann.

How to defeat water elementum

Water elementum is located on top of Eternal Falls, Miscrian Jungle, Volcano island. 
Here are the skills of the water elementum:

-OverWater: removes the advantage of nature against water (buff)
-Gentle Swell: heal over time (buff)
-Intimidation: lower your foe's attack by 11 (debuff)
-Flood (Elementum): 100 dmg, 100% accuracy (attack)
-Bubbling fury elementum: 25-30 dmg, 90% accuracy (attack)

How to defeat it: 
- u need miscrits that has good attack and defenses buff, such as boneshee, viperd, lavarilla (with negate element), and gippo. Make sure that their levels are from 21-30. Not less. And make sure that ur elemental attack is good
- First, debuff its attack, till cant lower anymore. To make sure that ur damage is big, buff ur miscrits with epic potions for attacks. 
- Then, debuff its defense (elemental defense) till -73 (cant lower anymore)
- Then, hit the elementum with ur best elemental attackers. 
Congratz, u win the battle with only 1 hit. 

Please comment and like. Hope this tip helps you. ^_^ good luck in fightning all elementums and Apollo Nox!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tips in Choosing Relics

Well, basically in choosing relics, we need to choose the relics that fits to the strength of the miscrits. For example, Dark Bloomane, is elite in physical attack. Then put relics that adds the physical attack. And choose the relics that adds many stats points. I don't reccomend you to buy relics that costs 10 platinums. It only adds a little stats.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to beat lightning elementum (easy way)

How to defeat Lightning Elementum:

Well, not to show off. But I defeated lightning elementum in 1 hit, 1 try and 3 miscrits lvl 25. Its actually easy. 
U need miscrits that have good debuff of attack and defense. First, debuff the attacks till cant lower anymore. Then, lower defense with debilitate, sludge till cant lower anymore. then u can hit it in 1 hit and K.O....

Lightning elementum is similar to nature elementum in Sunfall Kingdom... but the attack has more accuracy than nature elementum....