Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to beat lightning elementum (easy way)

How to defeat Lightning Elementum:

Well, not to show off. But I defeated lightning elementum in 1 hit, 1 try and 3 miscrits lvl 25. Its actually easy. 
U need miscrits that have good debuff of attack and defense. First, debuff the attacks till cant lower anymore. Then, lower defense with debilitate, sludge till cant lower anymore. then u can hit it in 1 hit and K.O....

Lightning elementum is similar to nature elementum in Sunfall Kingdom... but the attack has more accuracy than nature elementum....


  1. where is it located?

  2. Lightning elementum is located on the top of Monk's mountain, Volcano Island

  3. Replies
    1. Its VERY VERY EASY!!!.. i defeated it with 3 common lvl 23 crits. but i am quitting in miscrits.. i got bored with it :/

  4. its uses rile and buff up