Monday, August 27, 2012

My Miscrits Recommendations

Well, the miscrit that u use its on ur choice, but I would prefer these miscrits team.

Sunfall Kingdom:                                              alternative(volcano island)                                              
-dark cubsprout                                                                - boneshee
-dark fairyblossom                                                            -dark humbug
-dark afterburn                                                                 - dark Viperd
-Ignios                                                                            - dark whik

alternative (sunfall)                                          alternative (volcano island)
- Dark Clawmurai,                                                             - Monk Munk
- flutterpat                                                                      - Quartex
- craggy                                                                          - Firebrand
- afterburn                                                                      - Dark Bubbles

- Thundercracker
-mun kee

Volcano Island:
- Lavarilla
-dark firebrand

Well, these miscrits are only my recommendation. as u know, miscrits in Miscria is getting more and more. Do a research in the miscripedia about the miscrits and be sure to have one of the stats of the miscrits Max or Elite.

U dont need rare miscrits actually. Sometimes, rare miscrits are not strong like twiggum, grubbean, waddles and tulippiny. 

hope this help u defeat all elementums and Apollo Nox.... thanks for reading. Share, Comment and subscribe. if u wanna add me in facebook, the name is Rinwy Cendana 令伟. I am a Chinese-Indonesian. 


  1. whoops. sorry spelling error....-_-

  2. i use Quebble,Dark Flue,Mun Kee,and Leggy in sunfall kingdom and i defeating all magicites and elementums in sunfall kingdom