Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to defeat water elementum

Water elementum is located on top of Eternal Falls, Miscrian Jungle, Volcano island. 
Here are the skills of the water elementum:

-OverWater: removes the advantage of nature against water (buff)
-Gentle Swell: heal over time (buff)
-Intimidation: lower your foe's attack by 11 (debuff)
-Flood (Elementum): 100 dmg, 100% accuracy (attack)
-Bubbling fury elementum: 25-30 dmg, 90% accuracy (attack)

How to defeat it: 
- u need miscrits that has good attack and defenses buff, such as boneshee, viperd, lavarilla (with negate element), and gippo. Make sure that their levels are from 21-30. Not less. And make sure that ur elemental attack is good
- First, debuff its attack, till cant lower anymore. To make sure that ur damage is big, buff ur miscrits with epic potions for attacks. 
- Then, debuff its defense (elemental defense) till -73 (cant lower anymore)
- Then, hit the elementum with ur best elemental attackers. 
Congratz, u win the battle with only 1 hit. 

Please comment and like. Hope this tip helps you. ^_^ good luck in fightning all elementums and Apollo Nox!